World Basketball Manager Tycoon
A fresh look in sport strategy games

In WBM Tycoon, as the Club Owner you must generate (or loan) the necessary funds in order to expand the club's facilities, raise the financial level and improve the team's roster.
And as you remain the Manager you are still in charge of the Player's training program and when the match day comes, you have to select the team lineup, create the most appropriate strategy and find the way to victory by countering the opposing manager's plans.
The game is available in the following languages:

 English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Serbian and Turkish.

Latest News

February 23, 2014
Real Names patch + Real Teams' logos and Players' photos offered by a WBM Fan site!
While reading the fans forum we came across this great WBM fan site
All WBM users should visit this site as it offers a free download of Teams' logos, Players' and Managers' photos (13.439 images included!). They also offer the famous Real Names patch.
The images patch is essential, since in WBM Tycoon Team Logos and Player Photos are displayed during the match also.

February 19, 2014
WBM2 goes crowdfunding!
We have just started an indiegogo campaign in order to help us release World Basketball Manager 2!
All WBM users can use this opportunity to pre-order the game for less than 50% of the price and help at the same time to make this game as good as possible. ...Or if you plan to purchase the game for the first time you can do it through the indiegogo page and get a special price.
Here is the link to the indiegogo page:

December 10, 2013
Version 1.1.6 (season 2014) is available for download!
The new version includes a major data and tournaments update.
As usual all WBM Tycoon users can upgrade their version of the game for free!

Just go to downloads to get the update

August 14, 2013
WBM Tycoon Polish website and facebook page
All Polish speaking users can now visit their own website and facebook page in Polish. offers also additional options to purchase WBM and WBM Tycoon if you leave in Poland.
Just follow the links bellow:

August 13, 2013
WBM Tycoon v1.1.5 is available for Download.
All users can upgrade their version for free.
What's new in v1.1.5:
- Fixes Euro league and other international tournament timetables.
- Adds 15 more days in the season's timetable. So all tournaments have more time to rest between matches.
- Updates all Ex-Yu tournaments (Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and ABL) in their correct formats.
- Polish version is now fully localized
- All teams can loan up to 3.000.000 regardless their financial status
- Fixes the arrange friendly matches bug
- The budget of the newly created team is now the lowest in the tournament
- Fixes Australian League Fouls number and Period minutes. 
Go to downloads to get it.

April 19, 2013
Official Release date is Today!
We are happy to announce that WBM Tycoon is now available for direct download.